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Avocado oil from the US Nau Avocado oil contains many antioxidants and contains vitamin A and vitamin E useful for the skin. It also contains citruline a natural steroid that has an effect in reducing inflammation and contains omega 3. Avocado oil can be used for skin by scanning the skin with a piece of cotton containing avocado oil after bathing or washing the skin. Any effect of avocado oil on the skin should be noted as each skin reaction differs from the other Avocado oil contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fats potassium vitamins such as vitamin E vitamin A vitamin D and monounsaturated fats. bull Avocado oil is used Lip Balm - You can mix a teaspoon of this oil with a little sugar then apply it on the lips to remove the dead cells and moisturize the lips. Smooth skin - Apply this oil to your face hands and even feet before bedtime and you will notice the difference every morning. Makeup Remover - To get rid of chemicals as much as possible you can put a few drops of this oil on a piece of cotton and get rid of make-up. Acne Scars Apply avocado oil every day and for a month to get rid of scars that have occurred as a result of acne. Nail Strengthening - Apply this oil to the nails and dry skin every day it strengthens and prevents breakage and makes the skin soft. Under the eyes - To prevent the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes layer this oil every day and before going to sleep. Hair Conditioner - Apply a good amount of this oil to the hair for 10 minutes and then wash it and your hair will become soft and prevent wrinkling. Dry the knees - Apply this oil on the knees and elbows daily and for 15 consecutive days to get rid of Jafa



27th Oct 2018

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