Head massage device to activate the blood circulation and treat headaches

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The head and eye massage apparatus is intelligent multi-frequency and vibration uses thermal therapy makes your nerves relax through the music embedded in the device massages the head by vertical and lateral pressure and on the front and sinuses. Helps to relieve fatigue Headache Neck pain Dizziness Sinus and migraines Migraine headaches Eye fatigue and also helps to boost brain immunity from diseases Improve sleep Reduce blood pressure Head massage device works on certain points of Chinese medicine head to treat headaches insomnia tension nervousness poor memory and pressure and promote metabolism in the brain And maintain the health of the brain Activates brain cells and regulates nerve activity Eliminates hair loss Treatment of hair cortex Improve oxygen absorption of the brain regulates sleep Improve mood and regulate the nerves in the brain and ears and eyes Gentle massage movements that treat the pains and spasms of slavery It is suitable for all ages even children and the elderly. The package contains a massage device USB cable Power adapter headphones and user manual You can hide any kind of music



23rd Aug 2018

Good quality

ام محمد تقي

21st Nov 2018

مفيدا جدا تدلك بشكل جيد مع الموسيقئ لارتخاء الجسم


15th Dec 2018

جيد جدا


12th Mar 2019

جيده جداً


24th Nov 2018

يعني من صدك منتج روعه روعه روعه وانصح كل شخص راسه اياذيه ياخذ منه لان مفيد بشكل مو طبيعي

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