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Processing time:48 Hrs

  Capacity: 700 liters
InstaView Door-in-Door with a slim reflective glass panel with two quick clicks allowing you to see inside the compartments easy to reach without even opening the door, which means less cold air loss of 41%
Contains a thin ice maker installed on the door that provides more storage space in the freezer part
It also contains a user-friendly bottle holder designed to store up to 4 bottles of sparkling water at ideal temperature.
And also a utility box that provides the ideal space for smaller items such as canned foods and cheese at the right temperature.
Eliminates bacteria by 99.99% plus odors
You can control and diagnose your refrigerator with your smartphone when you are not at home
Contain lock for children
Energy saving by 32%
Dimensions: 912 * 1,790 * 738 mm
Weight: 132 kg
Freezing capacity: 12 (kg / 24hr)

Refrigerator contents:

1 - LED lamp number 2
2 - shelves of glass number 4
3 - transparent door basket number 5
4 - inclusion of vegetables number 2
5 - includes a snack corner / cheese box as well as place eggs

Freezer compartment contents:

1 - LED lamp number 1
2 - transparent door basket number 4
3. Listing No. 4
4 - shelves number 2
5. Contains ice maker


 model :GC-X247CAAV



31st Jan 2019

ثلاجة رٌٍٍٍۈٌٍٍۋٌٍ؏ٌٍـٍٍٍٍٍـٌٌٌٍٍٍ ٌٍـٌٍـٌٍـٌٌٍٍـٌٍـٌٍــٌٌٍٍٍ ـْـٌٍـٌٌٌٍٍــٌٍـٌٍٍـٌٍٍـٌٍـٌٍـٌٌٍٍـٌٌٍٍــٌٍٍِھّ تجنن فووول اوبشن